Sync Final Grades Only" mode greatly reduces the time needed to sync between systems, especially during times of high traffic that are typically seen toward grading deadlines. Enabling this will archive all your existing gradebook items, and keep just one active item representing students' class grades. This is ideal for when all your grading is done in eKadence, and all you need from syncing is the final grade. 

Simply turn on the Final Grade Sync toggle shortly after you are done syncing your gradebooks. To sync your Aeries gradebooks please follow the steps in this article, Aeries Gradebook Sync.

You can safely enable and disable this setting, but this operation can take an extended amount of time to complete, depending on the size of your current gradebook.

Currently, we do not recommend unlinking and relinking your gradebook if you intend to use this feature. Please contact us at if you need assistance.