Crosslisting allows you to combine the class rosters of multiple sections into one. This way, if you have multiple sections during the same period, you can combine these class rosters into one class, where your students can then do group activities and participate in discussions together. In order to crosslist your sections in eKadence, you will need to first set up your gradebook in Aeries.

  1. In Aeries, you MUST associate the desired sections to the same gradebook:
  2. Then, in eKadence, navigate to the Setup Class tab, for the section where you wish to see the combined student roster. 
  3. At the bottom of the Setup Class page, click the Crosslist Sections button:

    NOTE: If you did not do step one, this button will not appear.
  4. In the window that appears, select the section(s) you wish to crosslist with the current section. Your selections here should match the same sections you "associated" together in your Aeries gradebook.
  5. Finally, click Save.

Note: Now that you have crosslisted your sections, you (and the students of the crosslisted sections) will initially begin seeing two separate class cards in eKadence: one representing their "original" section, and one for the class that you have now added them into. It is recommended that you let your students know which section will be used, and that they can hide the old, unused class section (by hovering over the gear icon, and clicking the Hide from dashboard action).

Now that you are done crosslisting, you can also consider the following: