Hello eKadence users,

We here at eKadence hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and are getting ready for an amazing new school year this fall! There have been many new exciting UI improvements and features that we have added to our system, so here is a list of what you might have missed this summer: 

Teacher Experience


  • Assignment/Assessment/Discussion/Page - New creation page where users can fill in the 'Instructions' and a sidebar with select settings for easy and fast activity creation
  • Assignments/Assessments - New 'Order list' question type has been added. Teachers can create a list of options in the correct order and it will then be randomized on the student's end in which students must reorder those items in the correct order
  • Assignments/Assessments - New 'Effort Log' so now teachers can see students' actions on activities such as when they answer questions, stop viewing a page, skip questions, etc.
  • Assignments - Add 'Student Review' settings like in Assessments 
  • The 'Set Banner Image' option has been moved to the 'Insert Content' menu 


  • Removed assignment name popup and “...” button, now the action menu is available on hover 
  • Auto-refresh so that when making edits in a different tab those edits will be reflected in the other already open gradebook tabs
  • Students' Grade Breakdowns are now clickable to see filtered activities


  • New Student Alerts - Moved all student alerts from the Homepage to their own page 
  • New Student Alerts - Teachers are now notified when students have dropped from your class
  • Students - Added self-enroll option
  • Setup Class- New section called 'Features' in the class settings. Three settings moved frotyle: initial; text-decoration-color: initial; display: inline !important; float: none;'>Setup Class - New 'Class ePortfolios', teachers can now automatically add activities like assignments to students’ class-specific ePortfolios
  • Setup Class - Added a class setting to disable Google Calendar
  • Setup class - Under 'Custom Tabs' teachers can pick between v1 and v2 class layouts. v1 has the tabs on the left by default and v2 will display the tabs on the top bar and have dropdowns for course materials and tools.
  • Clicking on the teacher's name at the top right of a classroom page will show the list of co-teachers, if applicable 


  • Class card UI improvements. The bottom left icons link to Modules and Gradebook. When mousing over the gear icon, teachers can select setup class or hide from the dashboard. Clicking and dragging on the six dots icon will allow teachers to move the class card around.


  • Two editors working on an ePortfolio at the same time will no longer overwrite each other's changes
  • Teachers can now save student submissions to their ePortfolios from the Quick Grader, Submissions page, or Discussion board

Student Experience


  • Discussion - Students can now make discussion posts from the grid view
  • Announcements - Students are now notified of pinned announcements when joining a class late
  • Class layout - Depending on which class layout the teacher selects, students will have their class layout based on the teacher's selection between v1 and v2 layouts


  • Dashboard - UI improvement on class cards. This shows upcoming activities that are due within the next 7 days. A red alert icon will also be displayed if the student has any missing work. Mousing over the gear icon will allow students to hide class cards from the dashboard, and clicking and dragging on the six dots will allow students to move the class card
  • ePortfolios - Students can add submissions to their ePortfolio from a class
  • Programs - New Programs and Endeavors feature located in the global navigation menu

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