Hello eKadence user,

As many of you know, school is coming and it's coming fast! Here is a list of our latest updates:

Teacher Experience


  • Discussions - Teachers can now save discussion posts to ePortfolios

  • Quick Grader - Teachers can now save submissions to ePortfolio from the quick grader
  • Announcements - File upload UI has been cleaned up


  • Dashboard - When mousing over the gear icon, teachers can select setup class or hide from dashboard. Clicking and dragging on the six dots icon will allow teachers to move the class card around

Student Experience


  • Activities - Save submissions to ePortfolio

  • Discussion - Students can now make discussion posts from the grid view. Grid view also now sorted by last name, first name


  • Dashboard - UI improvement on class cards. This shows upcoming activities that are due within the next 7 days. A red alert icon will also be displayed if the student has any missing work. Mousing over the gear icon will allow students to hide class cards from the dashboard, and clicking and dragging on the six dots will allow students to move the class card

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