The My Schedule Widget is an extension of a user's Google Calendar that allows users to see any upcoming events they have for the day. In order to use the My Schedule Widget users will need to connect their Google accounts to their eKadence accounts. If you are not connected to your Google Account or you have not allowed access to your Google Calendar, click Connect with Google and sign in with your Google account and grant eKadence access to your Google Calendar. To learn more, read our article about Google Permissions within eKadence.

  1. From the Dashboard, scroll down on the page until you see the My Schedule Widget. You will be able to see any upcoming events for the day from your Google Calendar.

  2. By selecting any of the other days of the week, a user can view past or future events in their calendar. A user can also navigate forward (right arrow) or backward (left arrow) by weeks to travel back to a specific date. The reset button to the right of the week tracker will reset the view to today.

  3. By selecting View calendar at the top right of the widget, a user can easily access the Calendar page of eKadence for a more detailed view.