The My Profile page allows users to customize their settings anywhere in eKadence. To access these settings, click on your profile picture in the top right corner and click on My Profile. On the left of the settings page, you can go to different setting categories.

Basic Settings

From the Basic Settings tab, students can view and modify their:

  • Profile picture - Only the student and faculty can view their uploaded image
  • Email
  • Alternate Email - Another email that can be used to log in
  • First, Middle, Last Name
  • Display Name - The name that other students will see when interacting with each other
  • Preferred Language
  • Preferred Time zone
  • Enable Chat
  • About Me

To save any changes, press the Update Information button located at the bottom of the page.

Security Settings

In the Security Settings tab, users can change their password to their eKadence account. Users must enter their current password to verify their identity and then enter their new password twice to confirm their new password. Make sure to click Change Password to save your changes!

Google Account

In the Google Account tab, users can connect or disconnect their Google account to their eKadence account. Check the permissions for Google Calendar and Google Drive are enabled so that users can use our Calendar feature and Google Assignments. Please read our article Google Permissions within eKadence to learn more about the permissions that eKadence uses.

Zoom Account

In the Zoom Account tab, users can connect or disconnect their Zoom account to their eKadence account.

Parent Account

In the Parent Account tab, users can add a parent account to their faculty account so you only need one login. This is for if you are a parent of a student at the same organization you are a faculty for.


In the Preferences tab, you will be able to view and update some of the default behavior in eKadence for your account. The following are the settings you can change:

  • Add manually created items in Modules to the - When you create activities for your class you can decide if you want the activities to populate at the top or bottom of the Modules page.
  • Default Times - You can also manage the default times for Activity Publish time, Activity due time, and Submission cutoff time for your future activities and assignments.
  • Matching questions penalty percentage - This allows you to set the default penalty percentage for matching questions.
  • Multiple choice questions → Lock order of answers - This allows you to lock the order of your multiple-choice questions otherwise it will randomize the answers by default.

Once you have set all of your desired preferences, click on the Save button at the bottom of your screen.

Comment Bank

In the Comment Bank tab, you can create a bank of comments to use when commenting on students' submissions.

Default Grading Categories

In the Default Grading Categories tab, you can set up grading categories that will become the default for any new class you create. See our article on how to set up grading categories.

Rubric Settings

In the Rubric Settings tab, you can set up different rubrics that you can use to grade your assignments across your different classes. See our article on this for more information.

Grading Scales Settings

In the Grading Scales Settings tab, you can set up custom grading scales for how students' overall class grades will be assigned.

Point Score Settings

In the Point Score Settings tabs, you can set up custom scales for your assignments. See our article on this for more information.