The New Student Alerts tab is a great way for teachers to keep up with important information regarding their students and roster changes.

The New Student Alerts page will appear if teachers receive a new student alert, and will appear as a new section in the class navigation menu/sidebar. Upon entering a class, teachers may be redirected to this tab once a day, until all alerts have been successfully acknowledged.

Common types of alerts are covered below.

New students have been added to your class
All teachers will receive an alert on this page when there is a new student added to the class. Teachers will be given a dropdown with an Acknowledge button to acknowledge these changes, as well as a "Transfer grades" link, to help conveniently move any applicable grades from a previous class section into the new one. For more information, please see our article on our Transfer Scores Tool.

Students dropped from your class

Teachers will also receive a separate notification about any students that have been dropped from the class.

IEP/504/BIP Plans Acknowledgement
Inside the New Student Alerts page, teachers will be able to find a small section specifically made for students that have an IEP (or an Individualized Education Program), a 504 plan, and/or a BIP. 

To dismiss this alert, teachers will need to go to the IEP/504/BIP tab of the class and acknowledge all students' plans.