In this article, we will be going over the notifications feature. Students can receive notifications when teachers post grades, release new assignments, or make comments.

How to Navigate to the Notifications Page

To access the notifications page, simply click upon the bell icon on the top right of the top navigation bar. After clicking on the bell icon you will be redirected to the notification page.

How to Acknowledge Notifications

Once on the notification page, review the notifications you have received. Now you have three options to acknowledge these notification and decrease your notification counter.

  • Click on the notification title. This will redirect you to page the notification was pertaining to. This will also automatically mark the notification as read.
  • Click on the checkmark Unread under the Status column. This will not redirect you and remove the notification.
  • Click on the Mark All As Read button on the top left. This will clear all current notifications.

How to Find Archived Notifications

Do not worry if you marked a notification as read and wish to review it again. To review notifications already marked as read, click on the Archived tab on the top left of the screen. There you will find all of your past notifications for your convenience.