Caseloads are spaces designed to help counselors and administrators manage groups of students in eKadence without the structure of a class. Counselors can have all students in their care in one spot to interact and communicate with them within eKadence. This feature is a special permission enabled by the admin for faculty members that would require a caseload.

How To Access Caseloads

  1. At the top of your screen, hover on the Caseload option and you will be able to either choose a previously created Caseload or you can create a new one.
  2. If you want to create a new Caseload, click on [+] New Caseload. You will be redirected to the section where you can create your new caseload by entering a name and optionally a description.
  3. Once inside, you will be redirected to the Homepage of the Caseload.

On the left-hand side of your screen, you will have a list of options you can choose from to help you update and personalize your Caseload Corner. This list consists of Students, Homepage, Announcements, Discussions, and Conferences.


This tab is designed to help you manage all of the students in your care.

  1. Add students using the [+] Student(s) button in the top right.
  2. In the list of students, you can see each student's GPA, Missing Work, Missing Conferences, Last Login, and Smart Tags.
  3. Then you can create tags for different things you want to keep track of by clicking on the Manage Tags button. Tags can be automated based on GPA, Missing Work, Missing Conferences, Last Login, and other Smart Tags.
  4. Now that you have your list of students you can also filter your list based on the same criteria as the step above as well as use the search bar to filter the list.
  5. For each Student, under the Actions menu, you can:
    • Impersonate
    • Schedule Meeting
    • Send Email
    • Send Chat
    • Log note/alert
    • Edit Smart Tags
    • Remove Student
  6. When you so to select multiple students at a time, using the checkboxes on the left, actions at the bottom show up. These actions include:
    • Generate Call Slip
    • Schedule Meeting
    • Send Email
    • Send Chat
    • Edit/Add Tags


The homepage is the landing page for your Caseload Corner and works like a more simple class page.

  1. To edit your Homepage, click the Edit Page button at the top right of the page.
  2. You can edit the title.
  3. Hover over the [+] Insert Content menu and select the type of content you want to add. You can upload documents or write notes and messages you want your students to see.


In this tab, you can create announcements for your students.

  1. To create an announcement click on the [+] Announcement button at the top right-hand side of your screen.
  2. Create a Title, then write out the content of your announcement. Then attach any necessary files less than 786.43MB.
  3. Next Configure Settings.
    • You can schedule the date and time you would like your announcement to be posted and for how long you would like your clients to be able to view the announcement. 
    • You can also choose to Pin your announcement.
    • You can choose to send the announcement to all of your students or choose Selected Tag Groups.
  4. Then, you can preview the announcement as a student.
  5. Lastly, post your finalized announcement by clicking on the Post Announcement button at the bottom right of the screen.


Under the Discussion tab, you can create your own forum.

  1. To start your discussion forum click on the Create Discussion button at the top right-hand corner of your screen.
  2. Once you have clicked the Create Discussion button, you can start filling out the General Details.
    • Add a Topic Title
    • Write down the Content for your discussion forum
    • Choose the Start and End Date
    • Share the discussion to all of your clients or selected clients using Tag Groups.
  3. Once you have finished creating your discussion, click on the Save button at the bottom of your screen to save your progress.

Now you can open your discussion to see what people have posted. You can also Hide it from your students and Publish Now if you want them to have access again.


Under the conference tab, you can view Active, Completed, and Archived Conferences.

  1. To create a new conference, click on the [+] Conference button at the top left of the screen.
  2. First, start by adding a Title for your conference.
  3. Then choose which settings you would like to use. These settings consist of:
    • Disable Private Chat
    • Mute Members on Start
    • Disable Shared Notes
    • Disable Member Webcams
    • Automatically Start Recording
    • Members Can View Recording
  4. Choose the Start Date and the Duration of your conference
  5. Choose if you would like this to be a one-time conference or a recurring conference under the Recurring Schedule section.
  6. Use the Upload Presentation setting to upload a presentation for your conferences.
  7. The Share conference to...setting allows you to choose which clients the conference is for. You can choose:
    • All Students
    • Students within selected tag groups
    • Individual Students
  8. The Meeting with... setting allows you to share the conference with Students, Parents(s), Teacher(s), or a combination of the three.
  9. Pick the Type of Meeting, whether that be:
    • In-person
    • Phone Call
    • Video Conference
  10. Once you have completed setting up your conference, click on the Save button.