The Power Search tool is a great tool that helps teachers navigate quickly through eKadence or look for a specific student, class, page, or activity.

How to open Power Search

The Power Search icon can be located on any eKadence pages that teachers are already viewing. Simply look at the top-right corner and click on the magnifying glass icon. The Power Search bar will then open.

How to Use the Power Search 

Using Power Search, teachers are allowed to search for numerous things using keywords that teachers may know or really just anything within eKadence. In the example shown below, teachers can see that we have used "demostudent" as the keyword which then shows a list of the different demo students in the eKadence system.

In this second example, we have searched for a class. Observe that when searching for "Chem", a variety of different search types appear. This ranges from class names such as, "Chem/Erth Sys," to other things such as pages or activities in those classes.