Hello eKadence user,

Just as a reminder from the Grade Sync problems we had several weeks ago, we strongly recommend users, who grade exclusively in eKadence, to please verify that their grades in Aeries are matching up with the grades in eKadence. If they do not match and you have not entered grades into Aeries directly please try hitting the Force Sync button. Otherwise please contact us at support@ekadence.com and we will help you get your grades back in sync!

Here is a list of your latest updates.

Teacher Experience

  • Activities - UI update for the "Publish Status" pop-up
  • Gradebook - Overall Grade cell opens individual student's grades
  • Gradebook - Student Name cell opens student profile page
  • ePortfolios - Update hover UI
  • TIFF file uploads are now also supported
  • UI update to use Display Name more
  • Student avatar circles for IEP/504 students are orange

Fixed Issues

  • Fix Grade-Only Activity Icon
  • Co-teacher unable to enter class
  • Students from a linked section showing up as inactive students in another sections gradebook
  • Missing Instructions page for linked sections

Student Experience

  • Activities - Show score label in gradebook when Point Score settings is used
  • View All Classes - View inactive/dropped classes for the current
  • TIFF file uploads are now also supported

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