Teacher notifications for new students

When a new student joins a class, the teachers should already be notified by the school indicating that there is a new student! However, although some teachers may realize that, teachers may forget or not really know of a new student being added into their class. To alleviate this problem, it is important that teachers stay notified and that teachers will also be receiving notifications about their new student. 

New Student Added

When there is a new student that has just been added to a class the teacher will receive a notification on their homepage saying: "New Students have been added to your class (#)". The number respectively shows how many students have been added to that class.

After seeing the notification, the teacher should locate the Acknowledge button at the top right indicating that they are fully aware that there is a new student in their class. 

Should the teacher wish to migrate scores from the previous class that the student was in or excuse previous assignments, the teacher can click on Migrate scores (located under Acknowledge) to move all scores from the previous student's class to their current one. Please see our article on migrating student scores for more details.

Upon clicking on Acknowledge teachers will receive a pop-up in the center of the screen saying "Successfully Acknowledged" This will finally clear up space on the homepage as well so it does not become as cluttered and are able to see when new students are added in realtime.