Text tools of the Content Editor

In the content editor, teachers have many different forms of text tools to choose from when creating content for a class. The text tools are divided into seven different categories, some having more impact on the content than others, but all useful in their own ways.

  1. The first section is just the simple buttons of undo and redo. Use these to undo a mistake that you may have made or redo an edit that you may have created already.
  2. The second section is for font, font size, formatting, and quotations.
    • Teachers get 8 different fonts, 16 different text sizes, and 6 different paragraph formats.
  3. In the third section, teachers will find all of the actual text "editing" options.
    • Teachers will be have the ability to (from left to right) bold, italicize, underline, strike, sub or superscript any content they type. There will also be features for changing the font color, highlight color, remove any formatting that has been made, and the ability to set their current formatting settings as default
  4. The fourth section allows for a simple outdent and indent of the text. 
  5. In the next section, there will be four different options of formatting.
    • Alignment, horizontal line, line spacing or height, and a numbered list or unordered list.
  6. The last main section that teachers can use consists of creating a table (maximum is 10x10), a math button which allows for special mathematic character entries, and code view to allow code to be incorporated into the content block. 
  7. The final row contains all of the features that allow teachers to upload outside content with the exception of the special characters button. The special characters button just allows for any characters that aren't displayed on a keyboard and also gives characters with accents. World language teachers may find this feature to be useful.
    • (From left to right) Teachers can link content from other activities within eKadence using the link button or attach a separate URL to embed into the content block. Images can be uploaded from a computer, Google Drive, a link, or can be taken via webcam. Audio files can be uploaded via computer upload, link, or microphone. Video files can be uploaded via computer, link, or camera. Documents will be that last main option that teachers can use to attach files to eKadence.