Teachers can attach different files to add content to an activity that is being created. A variety of files are available for teachers to use, including any Google Drive Files.

Adding Attachments

To add an attachment, hover over the [+] Insert Content button and click on Attachments.

From here teachers can then select if they would like to add an attachment from their computer or from Google Drive. Note that the max upload file size is 786.43 MB.

Please note that some files will be previewable on the activity while some will need to be downloaded to be seen.

Google Drive or Computer Attachment

If teachers select an attachment from their computer, the file explorer will open where teachers can select the desired file to be added for the content. eKadence offers a variety of files that can be attached which may consist of .DOC, .DOCX, .JPEG, .MP3, .MP4, .PDF, .PNG, etc. 

Teachers can also select From Google Drive if they would like to add a Google Drive file. Selecting From Google Drive will open up the Google Drive File selector where teachers can select any desired file to attach to the content block.

Attaching Multiple Files

Teachers can also select multiple files to attach to the activity. Attaching multiple files will create a new content block for each individual file that has been attached.