The Discussions content format allows teachers to add a discussion within other activity types. Teachers can still add any new discussions on the Discussions page; however, this article will be focusing on the Discussions content format inside of pages, assessments, or assignments.

Adding the Discussions Format 

To add the Discussions format inside of another activity, mouse over the [+] Insert Content button and under the Content column, please select Discussions.

Using the Discussions Format

After adding the Discussion format, teachers can then enter the discussion prompt. There is also an indicator to show whether the discussion is published or not.

How to make edits to the Discussions format

After a Discussions format has been created inside of an assignment/assessment, the only way for teachers to be able to make edits to a discussion that had been made in an assignment/assessment is to go to the Discussions page to make any edits. Please select the Discussions page, then select the Edit Discussions button to edit the created discussion.