Google Drive content is presentational only if you would like to have students work on a Google file please see our article on Google Assignments.

How to create Google Drive Content

  1. Teachers will want to have accessed an activity and be on the Work/Questions or Edit tab.

  2. From there, hover over Insert Content and click on Google Drive.

  3. After entering the Google Drive page teachers will have full access to their Google Drive. From here, choose any Google file to incorporate in the activity and click the Select button, at the bottom right, after a file has been chosen.

  4. After selecting the chosen file, teachers can then read over the permissions and click Proceed which verifies that anyone viewing the activity will have the ability to view it.

  5. After proceeding, teachers can scroll to the bottom of the content block to find a link that can be copied and pasted to allow students to access the assignment.

  6. When finished please click Save to save the assignment created.