How To Rearrange Your Class Tabs

  1. To try out this feature, first, select any class you wish to rearrange your tabs for. 
  2. Once you have selected and opened the class, there will be a section on your left-hand side with an array of categories such as homepage, announcements, modules, assignments, discussions, assessments, tools, student, conferences, grade book, IEP/504 plan, and classroom setup. 
  3. All the categories on the tabs can be reorganized except for IEP/504 plan and classroom setup. To better understand the tabs here is a visual reference to better understand what these tabs look like, refer to the figure below:                                                                                                                                                                                       Figure 1  
  4. Once your screen resembles the figures above, then you can start the reorganization process.
  5. How to operate this feature is by dragging class tabs on the left-hand menu in order to rearrange the whole class, instead of going to Setup Class to rearrange in Custom Tabs, which is an option as well.                               Figure 2 
  6. Furthermore, another really neat feature is the commands, Alt+Up and Alt+Down, which gives you a new cool way to jump around the tabs.                                                                                                                                              Figure 3
  7. We hope you have had a wonderful experience using eKadence, and make sure to reach out to a representative if you have any questions or the information is not clear. Thank you for using eKadence, paving the way to a better future.