As a teacher, you are able to share resources with other teachers inside of eKadence with a few simple steps.

The first step is to locate the Resources tab from your global navigation and clicking on it will take you to the resources interface. To access a resource, click on any resources you have already created or, click on Add New to create a new resource. 

From there you will see the resource that you have added. If you would like to see how to use a resource, please refer to our demonstration video. From there, click on share to access the sharing interface. 

From the sharing interface, you will see two main options that are given to you to share your resource. The first option allows you to search up another user's name which should appear after typing a few letters only if they are registered to the eKadence system. Then, by pasting another user's email, you will be able to add multiple at a time if you separate each email with either a comma(,), semicolon(;), or by pressing enter and creating a new line break. By pressing Update List at the center of the sharing interface, all of the teachers you have added from the name or email will appear. When the list of added users has been generated you will be able to change their permissions with your resource by giving them either access to view, edit, or become the owner of your resource. The delete icon to the right will allow you to remove users from your resource.