On your class homepage, you will see a section with IEP/504 Plans Acknowledgements. This area will alert you to students who have new IEP/504 plans that you have not yet acknowledged. The container window is collapsed by default, so the students are not displayed until you expand it. 

Once expanding the container, you will see the list of students with an easy way to see:

- The student name and avatar

- A link directly to their IEP at a Glance (or 504 plan) that was uploaded

- The name of the case carrier linked to this plan

- An Acknowledge button. Clicking the Acknowledge button will remove this student from this window, indicating that you are now aware of his needs.

You can also expand any of these students to see the list of accommodations setup by their case carrier. 

Each accommodation itself is clickable to open a window where you can add a log entry for this specific accommodation.