The homepage is a great way for teachers to comfortably oversee the content that has been submitted in their class as well as different forms of information and the ability to add content. The homepage will also be the first thing that the teacher sees when selecting any class.

Activity Notifications

Teachers have four forms of activity notifications that are presented upon entering the homepage: Missing Activities, Recent Submissions, IEP/504 Plans Acknowledgement, and New Students notifications.  

  • Missing Activities
    Under "Missing Activities," teachers will be able to see a list of students in the class that are missing any activities. Teachers can also view any student submissions by clicking on the name of the activity that they would like to view. As demonstrated in the video, teachers can make new comments or view past comments by clicking on the comment icon at the far right of the activity. Teachers are also given a small organization feature located at the top right corner of the "Missing Activities" window. Teachers can reorganize the list by student or activity.

  • Recent Submissions
    The "Recent Submissions" window is practically identical to the "Missing Activities" window with all the same functions. The main difference that "Recent Submissions" has is it allows the teacher to see recent activities that have been submitted by students and are ready to be graded.

  • IEP/504 Plans Acknowledgement
    On the homepage, teachers will be able to find a small section specifically made for students that have an IEP (or an Individualized Education Program) and a 504 plan. See our article about these notifications for more information. The notification will disappear from the homepage but will still be accessible from the IEP/504 Plans tab of the class.

  • New Students have been added to your class
    All teachers will receive a notification on the homepage when there is a new student added to the class. Teachers will be given a dropdown with an Acknowledge button to acknowledge that the student has joined their class and a migrate scores button to move their grades from their past class or from a linked section into their new one. Please see our article on Migrating Student Scores.

About Me

The About Me section allows the teacher to have a small description about themselves for the class to see. Teachers will have the ability to toggle this on and off by clicking Show About me and Hide About Me. Co-teacher with the permission "Display name as co-teacher to students" will also be shown here. See our article on Co-teachers for more information.

With all of the sections covered on the homepage, you will see a full homepage with all the notifications that appear given the different scenarios. To make new edits on your homepage, simply click on Edit Page at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

To find more information on editing and setting the homepage please refer to our article on Pages.