ePortfolios are a great way for teachers and students alike to add all of their amazing work into one location. Please begin by accessing ePortfolios from the global navigation menu. 

A look at the ePortfolios page

Upon entering the ePortfolio page, the interface should look the same for users who are creating ePortfolios for the first time. Please see the image above to see all of ePortfolios interface with the different features that users will be able to see upon entering the page:

  • ePortfolios Collection
    • Any folders and ePortfolios that have been created by the user
    • A Restore Deleted ePortfolios button
    • A [+] Folder button
    • A Create New ePortfolio button
  • ePortfolios Shared with Me 
    • List of shared ePortfolios and folders organized by Name, Last Updated, Creation Date, and Actions
    • A [+] Folder button
    • Grid view and list view options

Creating an ePortfolio - Edit Page

  1. Upon selecting the [+] Create New ePortfolio button, users will be directed to the Edit page where a blank canvas will be present for users to begin creating a new ePortfolio. 
  2. A title and a description box will be provided for users to add their information accordingly. Users should also save their ePortfolio after giving it a title and description. That way, the different section blocks such as the about me section or multiple page option will be shown in the ePortfolio. 
  3. Located directly under the title and description boxes will be the content boxes from which users can add all of their content. As displayed in the image below, if a user would like to add another content box (users can also resize and rearrange their content blocks, it can be done by scrolling down to the bottom of the ePortfolio where users can add content using the Rich editor (when users edit and content block, they will all look like the Rich Editor but users can customize each block more inside of the Rich Editor), My Library (any work done inside of eKadence), Google Drive, Upload File, and Upload Video.

Creating an ePortfolio - Settings Page

On the Settings page, users will see a few different options to add their own customizations to their portfolio. 

  • A theme selection with blue, green, and red colors available, and an advanced style editor allows users to use CSS to customize the theme of their ePortfolio.
  • A cover image that can be uploaded directly from a computer or Google Drive
  • A Layout with four different layout options. Changing layout options will only modify the existing content blocks, but users can still rearrange and resize all of their content blocks after changing layouts. Please take a look at the image shown below to see all four different layouts. 

Restoring Deleted ePortfolios

Users can easily restore any deleted ePortfolios by clicking on the Restore Deleted ePortfolios button on the main ePortfolios page. The restore page shows the name of the ePortfolio, the creation date, and the deletion date. To restore an ePortfolio, simply click the checkbox next to a deleted ePortfolio and the 'check all' box at the upper left of the page and select Restore.