Begin by accessing ePortfolios from the global navigation page. After accessing the ePortfolios, click on Create New ePortfolios which will then take the user to the content editor.

General Settings

At the top left of the content editor locate the Settings button. In settings, users can upload a cover image directly from their computer or Google. After choosing a cover image  can then also one of the layout presets. The presets determine the default for number, size, and the positioning of the content in the ePortfolio.

Personalization Features

At the far left of the page locate the personalization features. With these settings, users can personalize their ePortfolio by adding information about themselves. Users can upload a personal profile picture as well as adding text into the "About Me" and "Interests" sections. 

Content Editor

Users can add a title to their ePortfolio as well as adding any descriptions to their liking. Users can then move on to editing the content sections that came from choosing one of the layout preset. Note that even though a layout preset may have already been chosen, users can still organize and resize the different content sections to their liking.

Adding Content

By mousing over a content section, three icons will appear. The first icon or preview option, will allow users to preview that specific content section in the eyes of another user viewing their ePortfolio. To the right of the preview option users will have an edit option and to the right of the edit option will be the delete button. The edit option allows users to input content for that section using different sources which can be done using an online web link, Google Drive, directly from their computer, or from eKadence itself using "My Library". Selecting the "My Library" option will allow eKadence users to choose previously completed work that would like to be used in their ePortfolio. (Please refer to the video to see a demonstration of content being added to the ePortfolio).  At the bottom of the content editor, by mousing over Insert Content users will see the same options from using the edit icon as well as an option to add more content sections. 

After the user has created or made changes to their ePortfolio, click save at the bottom of the page.