If you grade 100% in eKadence, sometimes the easiest way to ensure a matching Aeries gradebook is to start fresh.

In Aeries

  1. Back the relevant gradebook(s)
  2. Delete the relevant gradebook(s)
  3. Create a new gradebook for one section only.
    - Do not select multiple sections.
    - Make sure to select the same grading term as the class. Do not select a different grading term.
  4. Create categories for this gradebook, making sure the name and weighted percentages match what is setup in eKadence.
  5. Add your students to this gradebook

In eKadence

  1. Inside your class, go to the Class Setup tab
  2. Disable gradebook sync
  3. Enable gradebook sync and follow the steps to map your assignment categories again.
  4. Upon enabling gradebook sync, all the existing data will be pushed to Aeries. This may take anywhere from a seconds to more than 15 minutes, depending on the number of assignments and scores.