Linking sections is a feature that allows a teacher to group multiple classes together, when they cover the same material. This allows for managing content just once, and all the linked classes are updated together.

Important considerations before beginning:

  • You must choose a master section. This is the class where all the course content will be created/managed, and then duplicated out to the linked section(s). It does not matter which section you choose to be the master section, but as part of the linking process, any existing content that was previously created in the linked section(s) will be removed, and replaced with that from the master.
  • If you intend to have Aeries gradebook sync enabled, you must prepare grading categories and gradebooks in both systems BEFORE linking class sections.  

STEP 1. Prepare your Aeries / SIS.

  1. In your Aeries / SIS, create a new empty gradebook for your first section.
  2. Set up your grading categories.
  3. Add the students to the gradebook.
  4. Repeat the above steps 1-3, for every section to be linked.

- IMPORTANT: It is advised that you do NOT link your Aeries Gradebooks. eKadence will automatically manage your gradebooks for you, so there is no need to create additional linking, which can cause unexpected duplication.

STEP 2. Link your classes in eKadence

To begin this process, navigate to one of the classes that you wish to link. Using the class navigation menu/sidebar on the left, select "Setup Class".

On the "Setup Class" page, click the "Link Sections" button (located towards the bottom of the window).

This will bring up a list of viable classes to select and link. Select the appropriate class(es) and click "Save" to continue.

There will be one more confirmation window, to make sure you want to link the selected sections. After verifying your selections, click "Save" on this window to complete the process.

The linking process has now finished! At this point, the linked classes should now appear as a single Class on your dashboard, and will essentially be managed as a single class in other areas, as well. There will be dropdown menus available at relevant locations to switch which specific period/section you are working with. This is useful when viewing specific class submissions or gradebooks.

STEP 3. Enable gradebook sync

  1. Now that your sections are linked, they will now appear as a single class on your dashboard. Click on that class.
  2. Next, click Setup Class tab on the left.
  3. Click the SIS Sync tab in the page menu.
  4. You will find each of your linked sections here. Clicking the Enable gradebook sync button will walk you through the steps to enable the gradebook sync. (This will need to be repeated, for each applicable class section.)