Many eKadence users may find the groups tab useful to attend to discussions or get various work done in their own group setting. In this video the user will be walked through on how to create their own group to their liking.

In order to locate the groups page, you will find 'groups' located next to dashboard in the global navigation screen. After you have accessed the groups page, click on '+ Groups' to begin creating a new group. The user will be presented with the settings for creating a group.

Basic Information

The first setting that is required in order for a user to create a group is to give it a name. The user will know which settings in groups or even in eKadence will be required because a red asterisk (*) will be displayed next to the setting.

Security Settings

The user will have the ability to create a password. This will allow the user to essentially lock the group and only allow people that enters the password to view the group. The user will then be able to decide the visibility settings whether the group can be public or unlisted. Unlisted means that other users will not be able see or search for the group through eKadence. The last security setting is requiring approval. This means that if a new member wanted to join the group then the group creator must approve them into the group first before they can view anything inside of the group.

General Settings

Features in the general settings include: 

  • Allowing members to see others within the group 
  • Allow members to invite other users
  • Allow for the 'Discussions' feature to be activated in the group
  • Enabling conferences
  • Enabling announcements 
  • Add an expiration date to the group
    • If an expiration date is not added to the group, the group will exist indefinitely until the group creator manually deletes the group. 

After the user is satisfied with their chosen settings, click on 'Save' at the bottom left corner of the screen to save the chosen settings and to create the group.