What is the Modules page?

Modules are essentially a way for teachers to create class activities and content for students to learn from, work on, or submit to the teacher, and are an easy way for teachers to see all of their created activities.

Getting to Modules

In order to get into Modules, teachers must be inside of a class first, and then, located on the left-hand side of the screen, teachers will be able to locate and click Modules.

Viewing the Modules page

Upon entering the Modules page, teachers will be able to see every activity that has been created for the class inside of Modules. Teachers will also have features such as:

  • Recycle Bin - Clicking on the Recycle Bin will show any deleted activities and folders from Modules and teachers will have the ability to restore them back to Modules.
  • Preview as Student - This feature gives teachers the ability to see the Modules page from a student's perspective and can make changes accordingly based on what is seen through the student's view. 
  • Export - Teachers can export anything from the Modules page to any other class that is currently being taught.
  • [+] Course Material - Teachers are able to add any eKadence Course Material through this button

Adding new Course Material

By hovering over the [+] Course Material button located at the upper right-hand side of the Modules page, teachers can add any eKadence activities to their liking as well as being able to add, a new module folder, a separate page for students to view, an attached file, Google Drive file, and/or link, and an image. Teachers will also be able to make imports from a Common Cartridge File, SCORM File, and/or Resources.

Teachers can also publish or unpublish content from the Modules page. Simply do this by clicking on the Publish button to publish a module or activity, or click on the green Published button to unpublish something or to just change the start/end date.

Moving Modules

Teachers can move around any content from the Modules page to a different location on the screen. To do this, simply click and drag whatever module should be moved to the desired location on the Modules page. Teachers can also drag and drop different activities into different module folders to better organize the Modules page.

Alternatively, users can use the Move to option in the Actions menu to move module items around if the above option is not ideal.

Module Actions

Hovering over the three dots located at the right of a module will allow the teacher to perform different actions on the module. Right-clicking on the module will open the same menu. Teachers can add course material into the module directly instead of using the [+] Course Material button, this excludes importing from Common Cartridge Files and SCORM Files. The different actions are listed as followed:

  • Edit - Allows teachers to change the module name and use color customizations
  • Copy to - This feature allows teachers to copy modules to different classes. Please see our article on Copying Class Content for more details on this feature.
  • Move to - This allows teachers to freely move modules to different areas within the modules page.
  • Delete - This allows teachers to delete modules in which they will then go to the Recycling Bin.

Course Material Actions

Just like module actions, hovering over the three dots located at the right of any content/activity or right-clicking will allow the teacher to perform different actions on the activity/content. Some activities have different actions and some have the same actions. Please see the images below to distinguish the different actions for each activity.


  • Quick Grader - Only available from the Modules page if the Is Graded setting is turned on
  • Submissions - Only available from the Modules page if the Is Graded setting is turned on
    Also, you can go to submission by clicking on the submission count under the progress bar for these activities
  • Scores Report - Score breakdown by question
  • Statistics - Stats on student interaction
  • Copy to
  • Move to
  • Delete


The only different actions are:

  • Publish now - Publishes the discussion
  • Hide - Unpublishes the discussion
  • Close - Set the Submission Cutoff Time to now
  • Re-Open - Removes the Submission cutoff time
  • Edit

Discussions will exclude Submissions and Scores Report. Every other action should be the same as Assignments and Assessments.


Pages will only have the Submissions and Statistics action like Assignments and Assessments.

Attachments and Images:

Actions for attachments and images are as followed:

  • Edit
  • Copy to
  • Move to 
  • Delete


Actions for conferences are as followed:

  • Move to
  • Delete