The Announcements page is an easy way for teachers to send students anything important that they should have a look at.

Accessing the Announcements Page

To access the Announcements page, simply be inside of a class first then click on Announcements on the left side of the class.

Creating an Announcement

  • To begin creating an announcement, teachers are given a box to add a title, checkboxes to select all or different classes to send announcements to, and a content box where teachers can begin writing an announcement. 
  • At the bottom is where teachers can set a date for when the announcement will be sent out and when the announcement will end.
  • Recent or Pinned Announcements will be posted on the left side of the Announcements page.
  • Teachers can also see how many students view an announcement with the indicator; clicking on it will display an engagement screen where teachers can see specifically each student that has/has not viewed the announcement. 

Extra Features

  • Some extra features that can be found at the bottom of the Announcements page are the extra features that teachers can use when creating an announcement. 
  • Teachers can attach different files into an announcement, assign the announcement to specific students, and/or send an email notification of the announcement to parents as well.
  •  There will also be a Preview as Student button at the bottom of the Announcements page.