Through modules, teachers have the ability to create pages for students to see. Pages can be used for multiple purposes and will have familiar features like when creating an assignment for example.

Creating a page and settings

  1. The first step to creating a page is to go to Modules, then mouse over +Course Material, then click on Page.
  2.  After creating the page, teachers will see the page settings where teachers can customize the different settings.
    1. General Details - Here, teachers will be able to name their page and choose whether they would like their students to leave comments on the created page.
    2. Publish Date - Teachers have the ability to set a date for the page to be published.
    3. Assigning - Teachers can assign the created page for either All Students, Only these students, and Exclude.
      1. All Students will allow for all students to see the page. Only these students will allow for specific students that teachers have selected to see the page. Exclude will allow for all students to see the page except for students that the teacher has chosen for students to no be able to see the page.
    4. Advanced Settings - These settings are made so that teachers can assign an activity that a student must first open or complete before they are able to see the page. Selecting Allow marking complete will allow students to mark their activities as complete. 

Editing a page 

After creating a page, teachers have the ability to edit the page and add content to it as well. This interface will essentially look the same as creating an assignment. The only features that are different is Set as homepage and Allow Marking complete which allows students to mark the page as complete once they have seen it. Using the Set as Homepage button at the bottom when there is already a Homepage will replace the homepage with the current page and make the page that was on the Homepage a normal page. For more information on the homepage, please see our article on the homepage. If there is content that needs to be added, please refer to the content formats article. Go to our article on banner images to learn more.