The resources page can be used for teachers to gather and create modules and other activities without the need of creating a new class. The resources can then be used to create new classes or added to classes that already have content in there. In this video the user will be walked through on making resource groups as well as how to properly use the resources tab.

Creating a Resource Group

To get started on creating a resource group, click on the resources page on the global navigation page. The resources page will appear blank only if it is the users first time accessing the resource page. To create a new resource group, click on 'New' in the top right corner and name the resource group to one's liking.

General Settings

Some general page features that teachers will have access to are: 

  • Adding additional resource groups
  • Go back to already deleted resource groups and have the ability to restore deleted ones
    • Teachers may restore resource groups individually or select all of them to restore.

Taking a look at the Resource Group and the sub tabs

  • In the Modules tab, teachers can create new module folders as well as creating new activities on the modules tab
  • Teachers will also have the ability to Import/Export content as well. The importing/exporting features will be available throughout all of the sub tabs except for the Question Bank sub tab. Teachers can import content from classes that they already have within eKadence or have the ability to import content outside of eKadence such as previous schoology course or a common cartridge file. In order to be able to export content, there must be something available for the user to export first. Once there is something that can be exported, selecting the chosen content will enable the export option (only content within the eKadence system may be exported).
  • The following Activities sub tabs after the modules tab are all formatted the same way as one another (Assignments, Assessments, Discussion). With this being said, teachers may only add to the corresponding type of activity. For example, within the new assignments sub tab teachers will only be able to add assignments (no assessments, discussions, etc.).
  • Inside of the Question Bank teachers will once again be able to create modules as well as add questions by clicking on '+ Questions' at the top right corner. After creating a question to one's liking, save the question and it will appear in the question bank to further be used to make new activities for a new or existing class.