The Calendar allows teachers to view upcoming events and activities in one organized setting. You can find and click on Calendar in your global navigation menu.

Connecting to Google

If you are not connected to your Google Account or you have not allowed access to your Google Calendar, click Connect with Google and sign in with your Google account and grant eKadence access to your Google Calendar. To learn more, read our article about Google Permissions within eKadence.

Using the Calendar

Once you allow eKadence permissions to your Google account, the Calendar tab will display your Google Calendar for your connected account. Below are some ways you can personalize and interact with your calendar:

  • Here, you can create new events by clicking on the [+] New Event button, and toggle between hiding weekends and viewing weekends.
  • This is the event creation screen that teachers will see after clicking on [+] New Event.
  • You may also switch between daily, weekly, and monthly views using the drop-down menu highlighted below.
  • By checking the box next to the calendar name, you can toggle different calendars on and off from view. You can also filter your calendar to see individual classes or hide classes from view. Check Select All to view all the different calendars and classes.