Upon submission of work, students can comment on different activities inside of a class and the teacher will then receive notifications about the students' comments.

Turning on the "New Student Comment" Widget

From the dashboard, please hover over the Edit Dashboard menu at the top right of the dashboard then click on the New Student Comment checkbox to turn on the widget.  

Using the widget

Taking a look at the simple widget, teachers will see a "new comment" symbol as well as a number indicating how many new comments there are. 

Upon clicking on the widget, if it is a group assignment, teachers will be taken to the submissions screen for the activity. Here, teachers will be able to see exactly which student made the comments. In this case, the comments made by two students will count as comments for the group.

If it is not a group assignment then it will take the teacher directly to the quick grader. In the quick grader comments can be found in the bottom right.

After viewing any comments after clicking on the widget, teachers can then go back to the dashboard where they will find that there are no more comments that need to be viewed.