With the My Schedule widget, teachers are able to see all events that are scheduled through Google Calendar. Please be sure to enable the My Schedule widget by hovering the gear icon, hovering over the Dashboard Widgets button, and then selecting My Schedule Widget.

A Look at the My Schedule Widget

On the My Schedule Widget, teachers will be able to see a variety of places to click to navigate and use the widget. Options that teachers will see are:

  • Forward and Backward arrows to click through weeks
  • Reset button to go back to the current week
  • View Calendar link to view the full Calendar page inside of eKadence
  • Clickable dates to see events for those days. For example, teachers can click from Tu 31 to Fr 2 or any other day of the week
  • List of events, and meetings that teachers may have scheduled with time indicators. Teachers can click on the highlighted event to open the event screen and see details for the event or to Go to Google Calendar.

If there are no events going on for a date, the widget will display: No calendar items for this day

View Calendar versus Google Calendar

The View Calendar button on the widget will take teachers to the full eKadence Calendar page which displays your Google Calendar information directly in eKadence in a more simplified version. Teachers will be able to see all events displayed and can create new events just like Google Calendar. Teachers can also use the daily, weekly, or monthly toggle located next to the today button. Most settings seen on eKadence's calendar will also be able to be seen inside of Google Calendar.

*enlarged image of eKadence Calendar*