The Dashboard is customizable to every teacher's liking and consists of widgets to allow teachers to see various things such as their schedule, notifications from students, or even seeing something simple such as the weather.

You can access the customization menu at the top right of the Dashboard screen, under your profile picture.


The Color Theme feature allows for not only teachers but all eKadence users to change the look of their entire eKadence interface. By hovering over the gear then Color Theme at the top right corner of the dashboard, users can see different color options for Light Mode and Dark Mode. This not only allows for a different look for the eKadence interface but dark mode also allows for those with vision issues to use dark mode and have easier lighting on their eyes.



Widgets provide convenience to users and allows users to see them at a quick glimpse on their dashboard. By hovering over the Dashboard Widgets menu and clicking on the checkboxes next to the different widgets, users are able to toggle them on or off.

Different widgets that can be displayed are:

Users are also presented with a reset button that they can click to reset their widgets back to a default layout.

Widgets can also be moved and resized. To move a widget to a different location, simply click on a widget and drag it to move it. To resize a widget, click on the bottom right corner of the widget card and drag until the widget is at the preferred size.