The What needs grading widget allows teachers to see any submissions that have recently come in from students that need to be graded. 

Turning on the "What needs grading" Widget

From the dashboard, please hover over the Edit Dashboard menu at the top right of the dashboard then click on the What needs grading checkbox to turn on the widget. 

Using the widget

Within the widget itself, teachers can view the submission data in the What Needs Grading widget three different ways, Activities, Submissions, and Calendar.


When looking at the widget from the Activities view, it will submissions that need grading by their Activity. Displayed in the Activities tab, teachers will also see:

  • The number of students that need an assignment graded.

  • Type of activity that needs grading. 

  • How many students have submissions that are still ungraded.

  • The name of the activity.

  • The total number of students from the class that has submitted the activity.

  • Average Grade. 

  • Due date if applicable


As seen in the image, the Submissions tab displays individual submission in a pimple list. For each submission you can see the icon of the type of activity, the new submission icon as well as the date and time it was submitted. Clicking on one of these will take the teacher to the quick grader. Clicking on the student's name will just open the student profile page.


On the Calendar tab, teachers will be able to see what day students have submitted their work. Clicking on the name of the activity or the new submission icon will both take teachers the quick grader. Teachers can also sort students by Full Name, First Name/Last Name, or Last Name/First Name.

Clicking on an Submission

Upon clicking on an activity submission from the widget, teachers will be taken to the Quick Grader page where student activities can be graded.

If there is already a grade for a student but the student resubmits their work, the teacher will get a notification for this submission in the What needs grading widget. If the teacher would like to keep the grade for the specific student then the teacher should hover over the Needs Grading icon and click the Mark graded button, shown in the screenshot above. Otherwise, changing the grade for the activity will also work.

Please see our article on the dashboard for more details on widgets and dashboard navigation.