Embedding a Google Drive file in an eKadence assignment requires several steps.

  1. Open the desired assignment and click on Start/Continue Assignment at the bottom

  2. On the Work/Questions page, scroll to the bottom. Right bellow the submission box, double click on the Embed a file from Google Drive button.
    - Note: A single click may not work the best; Double clicking will be the best option

  3. Select the file you wish to embed by double-clicking it. You can also click on the desired file one time and click on the blue “Select” button at the bottom left.  You may need to switch between the “My Drive” and the “Shared with me” tabs to find the correct file.

  4. If you want everyone to see the file, click on yes in the permission confirmation dialog. If you only want the people who have access to the file to see it, click on no. Clicking on yes is safe, in case the file isn’t shared with anyone (even your teacher). Everyone will only be able to view the file.
  5. The file will now be embedded in your eKadence page beneath the submission box. To confirm it is the right file and you have completed everything, click on the Open Google Drive button.
  6. Once you are ready to submit, click on the Submit button at the bottom.